Friday, 29 February 2008

It's all swinging over at Planet Mondo blog ....

Something special is happening over on the Mondo mans blog today (being a Friday of the most Swinging and Funky persuasion), whizz over and check out whats going on ...... HERE

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Flickin one off #1

I'm kicking off a new regular feature on Ded Dog Blog, where i'm going to flag up a few snappers from Flickr i think are worthy of a mention.

Flickr is such a great place to find really great work by people who love what they are doing ... theres plenty of rubbish too, though. But that's where i come in.. sit back, relax and let the ded dog sniff out the curly ones, so you dont have to take evasive action around those stinkers.

First up

I've been watching the progress of this set over the last year or so and Alexandre Duret-Lutz aka 'gadl' has become ever more inventive with his brilliant Wee Planets series. Shot on an expensive stereographic projetion camera that i'll admit i don't really understand. Go there and take a peep, peeps, its quality stuff with minimal computor tom-foolery too....

Dizzy stuff

While i'm on the subject of stereographic projetion, have a look at this 360 deg shot of Rio De Janiro here. I hope you don't get vertigo though..... you can scroll 360 around the veiw and up into the sky as well. Its an incredible site from Mr Hans Nyberg, who has collated hundreds of stunning 360 panoramas from different photographers around the world. I'd take a whizz round The Great wall of China, The Banyan Tree and Petra in Jordan as well. (you need quicktime for these by the way).


It just goes to show, that creative arts can be combined with modern technology and still be a success.


see you in the next life

01/03/08 I need to hold my hands up and admit imade mistake here folks... its not a strereo projection camera. Its actually some very, very clever maths , very clever software and about 50 to 60 standard photos per peice.

Mr T's moral of todays story?

look before you leap ..... FOOL!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Monkey Balls to the wall ....


So with me intending to concentrate this blog on a more design based thread .... i'm going to give you a great meatballs recipe that i have, (makes perfect sense to me), it has been lovingly passed down generation by generation since i was at least 39.

By the way, thanks to The Monkey Bastard Blog for setting me up on a meatballs tip ... i've tried his recipe and YUP they're good too.


500g of decent lamb mince
1/2 a packet of 'Ogran' Falafel mix (from sainburys, i'm sure any other felafel mix will do but this is the one i use)
1 egg
blood, sweat and tears optional (spech if you have guest peeps.....)


Make up the Falafel mix with half the amount of water and half the contents of the pack and leave to stand for 15 mins.
Add egg and mix in.
Add Lamb mince and mix in.
Form into balls about the size of Monkey bastards ... second thoughts you'd only get three (easy now girls) golf ball size will do.
Heat up a non stick pan then add some oil.
Pop the meatballs in the pan and brown off well. This bits important as the lamb is quite fatty and browning will help render out a lot of the fat. (dont get lean lamb either as the fat helps in the cooking process even if you do pour most of it away).


Bang em all in a roasting tray pour over a chopped tomato/basil/garlic 3 minute sauce (please dont ask me to explain that one as i just have).
Pop some mozzella and parmasan on top and slam in a preheated oven at 220 for 26 mins 34.5 seconds.

Serve with a spinach leaf and pea salad and a massive bottle of Montepulciano (if you can say it at the offy that is...) if not, a nice busty roija will keep the moroccan/latin vibe going.


One of Monkey bastards perfectly presented menus of listening pleasure (vol 63 is well worth a toot...)

Try both recipes and let me know when ive won eh? eh? eh?

See you in the next life

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

wat no dredd?

Watch the birth of the comic that made it possible for british graphic novel artists to develop and thrive.


The UK is home to many of the worlds most inventive and outstanding graphic novel artists ... and it is all thanks to this crappy advert .. who needs marketing when u got talent eh?

However, the story that made all this possible .. Judge Dredd .. was so close to being dropped he didnt make it into the first issue, while a less violent and more acceptable story line was written.

Drawn by a 'newbie' Mike McMahon, after the developer of the Dredd character, Carlos Ezquerra walked out. Mc Mahons loose and vivid style became the trade mark style that others would have to follow when guest artists where invited to contribute.

For me, McMahon sums up the rebirth of an art form that had become stale, conservative and overlooked .. shame he didnt have anything to do with the frekkin advert eh????

see you in the next life

sublime music

i'll let the music do the talking, i found this band on myspace, please give them a listen it will totally lift your day into a very nice place.

be good to your neighbour