Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Flickin One Off #3 ...

Well its been a while... but I'm back and fired up after ... eerrr basically being a lazy toad really, i wish i had an excuse but i dont. Get used to it and move on....

Well I'm back with a selection box that's ready to pop your head squarely of its shoulders. Kicking off with one of my occasional posts of great work from the website made of pure awesome, that is Flickr. So get your sunnies and sit back and enjoy the ride with the work of Bomobob and his circletastic collection of Ferris wheel photos and fairground rides.

All shot in glorious high colour. Using the delightfully un predictable 'cross processing' technique were by colour slide film is run through the 'incorrect' developing process meant for colour negatives. Result? Well see for yourself in the barf-o-matic, super saturated world of Bomobob

Bob uses a variety of different modern digital and film cameras for his wider range of work including brilliantly observed street portraits and very clever nature shots. But for this series he has picked old 50s and 60s box cameras with all their inherent fuzziness and 'surface noise' thrown in. As most of the fair ground rides he's shot with them are from the same era, there seems to be a great synergy in the shots.

Purists may well scorn that so much post processing is lavished on these shots but, for me its not about technicalities its about passion and beauty in all its ragged glory. However the result has been achieved, the images are evocative and heartwarming.

What more could you ask for?

Bomobobs fairground series is on flickr here and selections of his work are available to buy as prints and other 'stuff' here

more from me very soon

see you in the next life