Saturday, 15 September 2007


now this is funny ... it had me p##sing my pants for a good 10 minutes ....

let me tell you a story ...

last year i was watching the legend that is mr jools holland and his hootnanney festive cracker. he introduced an artist that just blew my very weighty socks off .. one man, one guitar and a phat phat sound. the last feedback squeals die down and '... thank you c16'. i catch the name and make a mental note to check him out on google when i'm sober. a week or so later i plug in C16 to google ... nothing, apart from a christian rock band on myspace... jeees i wasn't that drunk was i? a few search variations later and still nothing, oh well he must be pretty underground, i'll keep my ears and eyes open and see what i can pick up.

>> fast forward to glastonbury 2007 and i'm sitting on the sofa, just watched iggy fill up the stage with stoned punks, feeling a bit smug that ive just seen a lil bit of cult history .. when smack! theres my man c16 in the shack/tent/tree house affair doing a turn for jo whiley, he's just as awesome, nasty and powerful as i recalled. the last feedback squeals die down and '... thank you c16'. so off i piss the the PC and search for him again .. still jack s##t ... think to myself, this guys a bit of a low key character and leave it, until tonight that is.

>> the mystery has just got too much, ive just spent 2 hrs searching for c16 the 'blues fuzz guitar singer with a battered baseball cap and overalls' and so on.

ive finally found the fucker. why am i laughing?

his name?

seasick steve


ive picked up a few tasty morsels about the guy tonight on my weave around the www. he was at Haight Ashbury in 1967 getting some free love, all by chance, having lived the hobo life for many years. He later lived below kurt cobain, in olympia near seattle and went to the first gig dave grohl played with nirvanna, he was one of the last people to speak to kurt and i quote "He was a nice boy... I would have killed myself to if I was married to that chick he had (Courtney Love)! She was ugly, and she was nasty as can be man..." he has a long player avaiable right now called 'dog house music' and its hard as nails...

take a peep at the vid above an see why he got under my skin for the best part of a year....

see you in the next life

Friday, 14 September 2007

slip sliding away....

i know this photo is up on one of the other blogs i read, (check plannet mondo for some awsome rare footage of marc on stomping form) but i saw it and had to add something about its history....after all it has to be one of the most iconic photos of marc bolan there is. credited to ringo star on the sleeve notes....taken a week after filming the mad hatter scene in the born to boogie film, the shutterman was in fact none other than toni visconi, marcs producer (at the time the worlds producer) one of twenty shots taken on the picnic they all had after finishing born to boogie.

life was so simple then, another world. Could you imagine the spice girls and their production team chilling at a picnic , flicking off photos of each other and a week later saying 'ooohh that's a nice one lets put that on our new album?'

eerr no

see you in the next life

Johnny Cash - Hurt

just to restore the balance a little.

when i saw this video for the first time it shocked me to tears ... at the age of 37 i thought i'd become hardened to all the tricks and traps the MTV generation has to play. Yet this 4 minute dying breath of a legend, somehow flys a million miles above all that, it sticks you right in the heart.

Please please watch it ... i hope it has the same effect it had on me

see you in the next life

man hurting himself on skateboard

jeees you guys dont you have anything else to do than watch drunks inflicting stpid head wounds on them selves?? ... no? bring it on

Thursday, 13 September 2007

snappers bitching at tea leafs

OK my first real blog is going to have to be a bit of a rant....


a very contentious issue, in these days of p2p changing the face (and pockets) of the music machine. I was chatting to a photographer i print for today, about file sharing. His face was gleefull at the ability to get practically any music he wanted for free ... he has an almost evangelical passion for his ipod and all it's 'moody' content

our next topic of conservation? his court case with a canvas art printer who had nicked his work from his flickr profile........

this isnt the first time ive heard about photographers finding canvas printers on ebay ripping off their work for a fistfull of dollars. Agreed, it's a pretty low thing to do and while i won't condone it, it's a bit rich that these digitally savvy photographers can get so high and mighty about their own copyright while listening to the latsest burn from darksideRG .......

ok, ok! i'll post some u tube of a guy hurting himself on a skate board next time....

see you in the next life

ded dog comes alive

the start of somthing that might smell a bit

i'm not totally sure how this blog will evolve but i'm intending to bang a few music, art, and photography gems as i come across them.

thats it for now, see you in the next life ...