Thursday, 13 March 2008

Flickin One Off #2 ...

Sunshine on a rainy day

Following on with the 'intelligent graffiti' theme just take a look at this flickr set of
the EINE ALPHABET from the dam fine work of 'sunshine indoors' todays featured flickerererer (is that a word?)

The photos show Ben Eines series of letters painted on roller shutter doors around London and the UK. There have been a few sets of Eines alphabet photographed but as yet i've not seen a better set than the one above, properly exposed and well colour balanced, its a great set and i'm lovin it!

Warm Cockles

As a lad i lived in Southend and later moved to within 10 miles of Yarmouth so this seaside set really strikes a chord with me, the glorious delapidation and faded majesty are captured in a warm sharp and graphic style. There really aren't enough people taking REAL photos and adding real personality on the way. You should adore them ... its the law.

Further to the great talent for snapping a neat lens based treat, I would heartily recommend you check out the particular musical flavor of Ally's soul funk stew of a blog at DUSTY 7s

Your restless feet wont regret it ...

trust me i'm a doctor.

see you in the next life


Planet Mondo said...

Great sets - I'd recommned checking out this link too - chocolate girl another Southender with some great pics - the stardust is personal fave

lil x said...

I really like the
"sunshine indoors" shots, especially the double rainbow.

Also liking your own peir and bird + silky sand!